Tigers Before the Storm
Oil on Canvas
12x18 inches
Whitehorse, February Sun
Watercolour and Ink on Paper
12x17 inches
I tried to ski so fast,
but everyone else was faster.

Appreciation of
the view, the light,
Consolation prize.
The Secret Egress to Otter Creek
Oil on Canvas
13x16 inches
kind of exotic
kind of forbidding

you know,
there are mosquitoes
as big as your hand
in there
Ravenseye View of the Black Prince Trail
Oiol on Canvas
13x16 inches
Mt Logan, with Rain
Watercolour on Unsized Cotton Paper
4x4 inches
Like really,
with rain,
in rain,
in spite of rain.

Surprising that the paper
held together in such weather,
because, like really,
there was some rain.
Superior Frazil in May
Oil on Canvas
12x16 inches
A shifty transition,
May on Superior is dangerous and uncomfortable, but pretty if taken with a good dose of distance.

They call it frazil ice: water becoming sticky slushy ice and then ice becoming flowy slippery water.

Look, but keep your distance.
Sun Fish Sun Light at a Depth of a Quarter Fathom
Oil on Canvas
9x13 inches
These fish just hung out by these rocks while I dove time and again to sketch them.
The Vermilion Lakes Are Sometimes Purple
Oil on Canvas
13x18 inches
....especially at the time of day when the Rockies
often but briefly turn pink.
OK Falls
Watercolour on Paper
12x16 inches
At the end of a long long valley of lakes
stretching from Vernon to Penticton to Osoyoos
lies Okanogan Falls, just down there... watch out.
Blue Bugaboo - Afternoon Shadows Creep
Oil on Canvas
8x12 inches
... like cold blue fingers.
Creeps me out.
Its high time to be heading down from here.
Tiger Lily Otter Lake
Watercolour on Unsized Cotton Paper with Silk Inclusions
4x5 inches
They seem most best just before the last petals fall.
Agawa's Other Side
Oil on Canvas
12x16 inches
A short scramble through
dark swampy granite forest
brings one to Agawa's other side.

but beware,
this is the east-end of Superior
and it is full of rogues.
Victorias Watcher
Oil on Canvas
48x62 inches
Detail - of the watcher over Mount Victoria

There is always a watcher;
that thing that is always
just above the top
of every mountain

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